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Kythnos escapism to simplicity

You are burned out in the office, living in the chaos of a big city, you have constantly a bad temper and you want to return to a slow, simple life. You love Greek islands but you are sick of the touristic chaos taking place in the summer, you want to relax. Pay a visit to Kythnos like many Athenians do every weekend during the summer months and you will discover an unspoiled Greek island and maybe you inner peace too.

Visit Kolona beach 

The stunning beach of Kolona is a narrow strip of land that connects Kythnos with the islet of Agios Loukas. It has fine golden sand and the sea lapping at both of its sides.We got there with a taxi boat from the port of Merichas. The beach can be reached also by foot, if you are hiking and by jeep as the road is pretty rough. If you cannot stand the sun, bring your own umbrella, there are no trees to provide shade and the only facility is a tavern that operates in the daytime.
the beach is surrounded by gentle, quite infertile slopes Source:

The beach of Kolona is basically a narrow strip of land that connects Kythnos to the islet of Agios Loukas. However, it has a particular charm, partly due to its fine, golden sand and the sea lapping at both of its sides. In addition, the beach is surrounded by gentle, quite infertile slopes. Kolona beach is situated approximately 3 km to the west of Chora village and can be reached by taxi boat from Merihas, the main port of Kythnos. It can also be reached on foot, which takes a couple of hours from the port. Source:

Read your book in a nice and almost empty beach

This beach is one of the largest on the island and the closest to Chora. It is surrounded by trees and is easy to access. Source:

Apokrousi is one of the biggest beaches in Kythnos, close to Chora with pebbles and surrounded by trees that can provide you shade. It is very impressive, calm with crystal clear water that invites you to jump in! For me this is the best beach in Kythnos, it is situated ideally in a closed bay surrounded by low hills, with easy access up till the middle of the beach. No sun loungers and umbrellas you can enjoy a good read peacefully. If you like to chill out and party a little you can drink your cocktail in Coconuts beach bar , it is near the beach, not on the beach with nice beach music and exotic decor.

Martinakia is a small beach with some Tamarisk trees right next to Merihas village within a five minute walk distance. You can enjoy the view of Merihas Village and the Port of Kythnos. For us it was an easy access as we lived in Merichas.

Enjoy your ouzo among the locals in the harbour of Merichas

Barbecued calamari
Sunset at Merichas port
Merihas is the Port of Kythnos  and essentially the centre of the island. You can find coffee shops, bars, restaurants and is the best place to enjoy your ouzo while watching the locals and the tourists passing by. It is a peaceful port where you can actually enjoy your drink apart from the time that the ferries arrive, during the day and afternoon but that is actually two times a day mostly. You will see many yachts too, as Kythnos is the closest island to Athens and many choose to make a stop at the Marina before their continue their sea adventure in Cyclades.

Take a stroll in Dryopida

Dryopida is a large traditional village that has taken the ancient name of Kythnos by the first settlers the Dryopes. The architecture is not typical Cycladic. The village is built between two hills, protected from the winds of the Aegean Sea, so most houses have tiled roofs. It has a small Church Museum, a Museum of Folk Arts and Katafyki cave.We visited the Church Museum where you can see ecclesiastical implements, crosses and portable post-Byzantine icons and the Folk Arts museum as the Katafyki cave was closed.

Eat your way in Chora

"To steki tou Ntentzi"

Choriatiki with trimma local cheese (salty and sour)

Sfougatta - traditional cheese balls with "xino" traditional soft cheese from Kythnos
Chora of Kythnos is the capital of Kythnos and is situated as all the capitals of the Cyclades at the highest point of the island. Chora is a traditional Cycladic village. There you can find many good taverns, restaurants, coffee shops and bars. My personal favorite and place to be for meet lovers is "To Steki tou Ntentzi", the grilled meats are superb, very nicely, grilled and prepared. You can choose from a variety of local dishes. Because the place is very popular I recommend to visit it as early as possible to avoid bad service. Nice atmosphere and decor inspired by the local traditional houses.

 Enjoy a Hydrotherapy session in Loutra

Loutra was always the most touristic area of the island since many visitors came here drawn by its hot springs that have been known since the ancient times. There you can find a Marina which accommodates yachts and plenty of rooms to let, taverns and bars. You can swim at the beach, where there is also the free hot spring of Kakavos.

The spa of Agion Anargyron is located in the Hydrotherapy centre (sodium-source, water temperature 39 degrees Celsius), is suitable for arthritic and gynecological disorders and spa Kakavos at the beach (ferruginous alipigi, water temperature 52 degrees Celsius) is suitable for skin diseases and diseases of the nervous system.

As the water from the hot spring of Kakavos was too hot for us we preferred to visit the Hydrotherapy centre, tel. 2281031217, which really worth it! The building of Hydrotherapy centre is historical, has a lovely old fashioned feel and although the facilities are outdated its very clean and the ladies in the reception very polite.

You enter a marple bath filled with warm water (at temperature the ladies have adjusted to your preferences) and you sit there for half an hour and relax. After the bath you feel quite tired and relaxed and you certainly see a difference in your body. I spoke to a forty years old lady that she comes to Loutra every year just for the springs as she sees huge improvement in her back pains after 6 or 7 baths. "The island is so calm, I just need to get away here every summer for a week" she said to me with a warm smile, she seemed so relaxed and serene...

Visit the Kanala 

The coastal village of Kanala took its name from the Virgin Mary whose miraculous icon is placed in the Church. The Cape where the Church is situated is beautiful and full of pine tees. Megali Ammos beach as well as the gorgeous scenery of the Cape with its many pine trees definitely worth a visit.

I suggest you combine your visit there with lunch or dinner in Archipelagos restaurant, it has maybe the best traditional Greek cuisine in Kythnos. Top level traditional Greek cooking, original, fresh at its best. They use only fresh produce from their garden, which is in the back of the restaurant. Mrs Eleni the cook, is the ultimate Greek-mother figure we all wished for. Kali sas orexi!

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