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Ladurée Covent Garden - ISPAHAN pastry

ISPAHAN pastry by the chicest patisserie in Paris, Ladurée, a rose flavoured macaron filled with rose petal and lychee cream and embellished with fresh raspberries. I enjoyed it with tea, in Ladurée Tea Salon in Covent Garden. A bijou treat! 

Kythnos island - Sfougatta 

The tastier cheese balls your ever tried, are fried everyday by locals in Kythnos Greece.They burst of flavor, softeness and they are salty enough to start you appetite.The secret lies in the "xino" the local Kythnos cheese they use to make those magic balls.

California, In-N-Out 


Southern California's favorite chain of burgers. Though it’s primarily associated with California, In-N-Out also has locations in Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Arizona.The burger is stacked with layers of beef patty and drenched with melted cheese, somehow, the generous portion of crispy, hand-leafed lettuce and thickly sliced fresh onion and juicy tomato create a good sense of balance.

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