Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Milos island, extraterrestrial beauty

Arriving at Adamas gave me a feeling of serenity, a feeling that kept going during all my stay in Milos and made my days there. This was followed by a more strange feeling, like I landed to another planet of the solar system when we were driving from Adamas to Pollonia. Low colourful hills, rugged landscape next to deep blue sea. Milos was created by volcanic activity that took place 2-3 million years ago and stopped 90.000 years before. Islands ordinary rocks are tuff, trachyte and obsidian and the natural harbour is the hollow of the principal crater. That is why I had this extraterrestrial feeling all these surreal rock formations and dramatic coastal views, I was surrounded by an unusual and serene landscape I have never met before. 

Do not make the mistake and compare Milos with Santorini, although both volcanic the low hills of Milos have nothing to do with Santorini's cliffs soaring over 300m from the caldera. Milos is not so touristic either therefore is mostly preferred by romantic couples in Greece. It provides the right amount of extraordinary scenery with relaxed nightlife and cool places to chill out with your other half.

Take me there...the beaches 




Milos has over 75 small and big beaches with crystal clear blue waters and colourful rocks.
The waters were amazing...so clear and ideal for swimming. I have been to many Greek islands and Milos is one of the best to spent your day in the beach. The variety and the character of each beach will fit almost every taste.

White or golden sand beaches, beaches with pebbles, amazing rock formations, deep or shallow waters, more organized or not you will have so many to choose from and each one has its own beauty. In Milos even the most organized beaches have sun-beds, umbrellas and a bar-kiosk/cantine, so don't look for extra amenities or sophistication. This is the charm of Milos, its gives you a hippie and carefree feeling. Many of the most beautiful and popular beaches of the island or some parts of them, are not organised so bring along your own umbrella, it will save you from the hot sun especially if you visit Sarakiniko in July or you want to explore more beaches and you are not fond of a sunburn.

You need to walk, a lot, in many cases to find your dream beach. For example to visit Tsigrado is a bit difficult as you have to pass through a rocky passage to get there. Firiplaka also needs quite a bit of walking in the sun and the same goes for other beaches, but as I said before depending on how much adventurous you want to be, there is something for everyone even for families with small children.

My personal favorites were:

1. Firopotamos - the waters look like a giant swimming pool, there is a fisherman's village and trees surround this beach.

2. Firiplaka - long beach with silver sand, green-blue waters, colourful rocks and an exotic feel.

3. Achivadolimni - Large, sandy beach with shallow crystal clear water. "Achivada" means clam in Greek and "limni" means lake, behind this beach there is a small lake where you can see clams and conches living on the floor.

4. Kleftiko - Because you feel like in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Small beach, white sand, secluded, I swam from the excursion boat to get there. Kleftiko can be reached only by sea, is one of the most impressive places in Milos and is said to be a pirate hideaway.

Sail with me... Sailing day tour of Milos

The yacht





Sikia cave

Fluorescent waters at Sikia cave

Agios Dimitrios

The best way to sea Milos is to take a an excursion by boat. You can choose from catamaran boats, traditional fishing boats, sailing boats or speed boats, all are docked at the waterfront promenade of Adamas. 

We chosen a day tour that included Klima, Arkoudes, Vani, Kalogries, Sikia, Kleftiko. We departed at 10:00 am from the port of Adamas, upon sailing away we saw Arkoudes rocks (formation of rocks with the shape of bears), the tour continued in the west coast of the island reaching Kalogries. Next stop at the Sykia, a magnificent cave part of its ceiling has collapsed giving way to the sun rays. At noon the captain took us to the little beach inside the cave on a small zodiac. Later in the noon the yacht dropped anchor at the famous Kleftiko the old pirate's hideout. There we had the chance to explore the caves and the crystal clean water with snorkeling equipment they provide us. After all the swimming we were happy to indulge in a well cooked tuna pasta that the crew had prepared for us. Last stop of the route was the scenic bay of Agios Dimitrios where we had the chance to swim around and enjoy the soft rays of the afternoon sun. We returned to Adamas port at 18:30 exhausted but happy with our mind filled with beautiful images.

Pollonia - Tranquility, true hospitality

The scenic Pollonia, a picturesque seaside village 9 km from the port and 12 km from the airport is an ideal place to stay in Milos. Taverns, cafes and supermarkets are at your disposal, we ate at gialos many times and the food was very good and reasonable priced.

We were lucky to book a room at Tania Rooms, a family runned small apartment complex, with incredible views to the sea. The people of Milos are so welcoming and friendly and the family who runs these apartments is no exception. Everyday they offer a large homemade breakfast with pies and cakes and they are always happy to give instructions or offer you a cup of coffee. A real nice place to stay in Milos, although it has become so popular the last years that is not certain you will find easy availability, if you don't book early. In Pollonia though you can find many rooms to let for a comfortable stay at a good price if you make a small search.

Plaka - One of the best sunsets in Cyclades 

Plaka is the capital of Milos and the best place to have an afternoon walk. From the imposing Venetian "Castle" you can enjoy the sunset and the panoramic view of Milos bay. The Assumption of the Virgin or else “Mesa Panaghia” is the church to be found on the top of the Castle, whereas climbing up to the Castle and descending from it, you will find another exquisite church built on a black rock: The Ypapanti of Christ or Panaghia Thalassitra.

Explore the picturesque tiled alleys originally built for the protection against pirates, pick the cutest souvenir from a small traditional shop, have a cafe, a dessert or a drink and romance the night away.
After all Milos is an island made for lovers!

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